Successful learning despite special needs

If learning has not been a simple process, we can help. We offer tutoring, targeted exam preparation and holiday courses for children, young people and adults, adapted to their needs. We clarify which academic gaps need to be filled and provide the necessary knowledge. We work with every student to create carefully tailored learning and exam techniques – so eventually they will no longer need our support.

In cooperation with IPSO, we also offer children and young people with special needs English-language tuition tailored to their situation at the House of Learning.

Effective tuition: exam preparation, remedial instruction and tutoring in in Basel, Reinach, Zurich and online.

«Our dedicated, highly motivated teachers support students in their learning process, help them fill academic gaps and achieve their learning goals. Our top priority is establishing sustainable learning patterns so that their future education can be a success.»
Karin Altorfer, Division Manager Academia Nachhilfe

Success for every learning profile in Basel – a cooperation between IPSO! Haus des Lernens and Academia Schools.

«Academia has always been very close to the students. We support their talents and skills and care for them comprehensively and with foresight.
For this reason, we are very pleased to join forces with IPSO Bildung AG to expand the educational offer, thus taking a step towards young people with special learning profiles.»
Ludovic Allenspach, Co-CEO Academia Schools