Years 7 to 9: setting a course for the future

At our secondary schools, we support young people on the path to independence. We place great emphasis on developing and improving interdisciplinary skills alongside the standard school curriculum, and on encouraging increasingly independent learning. We dedicate a lot of time to choosing a career path: each and every student receives individual support in finding an apprenticeship or in preparing for entrance exams to an academic upper secondary school or other further education institution.

At Academia’s secondary schools, students are taught according to Lehrplan 21, and teaching at the four bilingual schools (German/English) also follows the Cambridge international curriculum. All of our schools are officially accredited.

Dedicated, informal, individual: our German-speaking primary and secondary school in Reinach (BL).

«In our informal learning environment, we take time for our students and provide targeted support when it comes to career selection and learning techniques. We only divide students into academic streams in year 8, which reduces the selection pressure and gives students time to develop their full potential.»
Michelle Negro, Principal Academia Primar & Sek

Naturally bilingual: our bilingual day school in Winterthur.

«Our secondary school is an ideal pathway for students interested in keeping their options broad as they move towards senior schooling. A fine mix of academic rigor, project based and experimental work sees our students develop independent learning skills in a supportive setting. As principal, I am proud of the passion shown by our teachers to bring out the best in our students.»
Lawrence Wood, Principal Academia Bilingual School, Winterthur

A unique bilingual experience: the Pre-IGCSE-programme by Academia International School in Basel and Zurich.

«Our lower secondary school in years 7 and 8 provides a unique curriculum blending a well-established British international Cambridge curriculum with our highly innovative and unique approach to German. All academic subjects are taught in English. However, a considerable amount of our teaching time is dedicated to German by layering our curriculum with project-based learning.»
Stephanie Wimmer, Head of School, Academia International School Basel