Years 1 to 6: discovering the joy of learning

Every child has a different way of learning, which is why our classes are made up of about 8 to 12 children – smaller than in public schools. Our dedicated teachers address the different needs of the students and ensure that they find a learning method that works for them. They share knowledge while also inspiring respect and curiosity, creativity and teamwork skills. We never let our students get bored.

At primary level, Academia Schools runs one German-language primary school and three bilingual primary schools teaching in German and English. At all of our schools, children are taught according to Lehrplan 21, and teaching at our bilingual schools also follows the Cambridge international curriculum. Our schools are officially accredited.

Dedicated, informal, individual: our German-speaking primary and secondary school in Reinach (BL).

«We offer children a comfortable, creative, informal environment in which they can prepare for a seamless transition into Secondary School. Our highly motivated teachers teach in small classes in order to accommodate and foster students’ individual strengths and weaknesses.»
Michelle Negro, Principal Academia Primar & Sek

Naturally bilingual: our bilingual day schools in Basel and Winterthur.

«Our primary school prides itself on a warm, familiar atmosphere for each and every pupil. Academically, pupils enjoy a commitment to smaller class sizes, a supportive staff and considered learning experiences with a blend of fun to ensure time at school is memorable. With an extensive after-school programme, families can be content that a holistic development is central to our ideals.»
Jarrod Brauer, Principal Academia Bilingual School, Basel

Since 1996 in Küsnacht: a pioneer in bilingual education in the district of Meilen and surrounding areas.

«The feeling at our school is one of a kind. Our warm, happy, familiar learning environment appreciates each individual that is part of our community. Our students are optimally guided by our class teachers, working closely with our superior support and extension staff. High expectations coupled with caring instruction allows our students to excel in all areas of the curriculum. We strive to work together with our families to help each child reach their potential.»
Elizabeth Suter, Principal Terra Nova